Gunpower Hellcat PCP Pistol/Rifle

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Gunpower Hellcat PCP Pistol/Rifle

GunPower Hellcat Air Rifle Pellet Guns !

Gun Power Edge

Gunpower Hellcat PCP Pistol/Rifle

Gunpower Hellcat PCP Pistol/Rifle

Brand New Coming Soon UK – Will be popular with Pest Controllers

HELLCAT is a lightweight compact pistol, setting a new standard in the field of pneumatic guns.

offers energy and power this meets UK Specification of 12ft/lbs

new HellCat PCP air ‘pistol/rifle’, which, with an overall length of 24 inches, is technically considered a rifle for legal purposes – meaning it isn’t subject to a 6ft/lb limit in the UK.

Gunpower Hellcat PCP Pistol/Rifle

12 "Lothar-Walther barrel, a small cylinder charged to 300 bar, and a new, specially designed valve" Direct-Flo " , able to muster maximum power of a small cylinder, and at the same time give a lot of shots with one pump the cartridge.

12 "Lothar-Walther barrel Gunpower Hellcat PCP Rifle

Caliber: 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm , 6.35 mm
Energy: UK Spec 12ft/lb
pressure: 300 bar
Weight: 1.75 kg
Length: 24 "59cm
Barrel length: 12 " 30cm
pressure tank capacity: 280 ccm
Number of shots from a single charge: 30-150, depending on the energy settings.
Mounting Bracket 3 x 11 mm
energy regulator - the
kit does not include any accessories such telescopes, rifle scopes, flashlights, bipod, extra rails etc . This is the only rifle and cartridge (butt).

Gunpower Hellcat PCP Pistol/Rifle – Price £549

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It is an offense for anyone under the age of 14 to own, hire an air gun.
It is an offense to shoot an airgun beyond the boundaries of private land, where you have been given permission to shoot.

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