Weihrauch HW75 SSP Pistol

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Weihrauch HW75 SSP Pistol

If you are looking for a match accurate pistol, a multi-adjustable two-stage trigger and absolutely no recoil - the HW75 is everything you need!

Weihrauch AIr Rifles & Pistols

Weihrauch HW75 SSP Pistol

Weihrauch HW75 SSP Pistol

The Oracle review “This is a gorgeous pistol simply push button at rear pull the barrel rail outwards. Load a pellet into the underside of barrel opening push downwards. Then cock the hammer back take of safety and aim and then fire. Truly is gorgeous lovely to shoot highly accurate tested against Webley Alectro/Gamo Compact/HW40/Beeman 2004e and this is far more clinical. It is expensive but well worth every penny comes as expected with Weihrauch Quality you would expect.


Single stroke pneumatic

Absolutely recoilless, allround training pistol.

Dry firing mechanism and sport grip, ambidextrous

Walnut target grip

This is a really classy pistol, just what you would expect from this German manufacturer - No-nonsense design, efficient and reliable, does exactly what it says.
If you are looking for a match accurate pistol, a multi-adjustable two-stage trigger and absolutely no recoil - the HW75 is everything you need.
The pistol is built around a single-stroke pneumatic design, with an overlever cocking action. This produces supreme accuracy through its totally recoilless firing cycle.
The stippled anatomical grip has a built-in palm rest and hand filling contour for complelte control over every shot. It is also ambidextrous, great news for left handed pistol shooters!
For match training, the pistol can be dry fired.
The safety catch is located conveniently near the trigger.
The overlever does have dovetail grooves, onto which you could fit a pistol scope.

Weight  1.06 kg  2.3lbs
Length   28cm    11inches

Weihrauch HW75 SSP PistolWEIHRAUCH HW75 SSP .177HW75 PistolWeihrauch HW75 PistolMatch grade pistol without recoil .177 cal onlyWeihrauch HW75 SSP Pistol

HW75 Pistol £299.99

Match grade pistol without recoil .177 cal only

Due to the Current Gun Laws in the UK we cannot post air weapons direct to your door, we can only supply the ammo, spares and accessories by Mail Order, however you can collect all items from our store or we can send Air Weapons to your local Gun Shop.

Air Pistols & Air Rifles have to be collected from our Warehouse, unless there is an RFD Dealer in your area who will accept the gun on your behalf, for a small fee. Ask for details!

All airgun sales must be completed by way of face to face sales with proof od I.D required
It is an offense for anyone under the age of 18 to carry an air gun, or ammunition in a public place unless accompanied by a person over the age of 21, even if the gun is covered.
It is an offense for anyone between the age of 14 and 18 to shoot an air gun without the supervision of a person over the age of 21.
It is an offense for anyone under the age of 14 to own, hire or buy an air gun.
It is an offense to shoot an airgun beyond the boundaries of private land, where you have been given permission to shoot.

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