Edgar Brothers XVI Air Rifle

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Edgar Brothers XVI Air Rifle

Edgar Brothers 22 Model XVI Air Rifle Pellet Guns !

Edgar Brothers Mod XVI .22 PCP Rifle

Edgar Brothers XVI

Edgar Bros Model XVI Air Rifle

It may have a certain familiarity about it, but the new XVi from Edgar Brothers is billed as a completely different animal on the inside.
Nigel Allen delves deeper into this new and intriguing breed of PCP.

Bet every single airgunner looking at this will be thinking the same as I did when I fi rst clapped eyes on the Edgar Brothers XVi – but no, it’s not the Logun S-16 in disguise! The EB XVi (pronounced ex-vee-eye, I’m told) comes from the same Serbian aerospace component manufacturer that produced the S-16, so it’s
no surprise that the look and, indeed, chassis, are from the same mould. However, I visited that manufacturer in autumn 2009 and know for a fact that its latest offering represents the next, highlyadvanced stage in the rifl e’s already successful history, with a number of important upgrades.
As its new badge suggests, the XVi comes to the UK courtesy of distribution mogul Edgar Brothers, which has been making quite a name
for itself in both the spring-gun and PCP markets lately with imports from Turkish airgun giants, Hatsan. This new rifl e extends its grip of the UK’s airgun marketplace to the upper echelons – and at £799, the EB XVi is clearly aimed at the discerning shooter. But it is exactly what discerning shooters will want, in my opinion – providing you’re a fan of its militarised appearance. While I don’t think you can beat the look and feel of a nice bit of walnut cradling richly blued, steel metalwork, I also believe that there’s always a place for the more tactical stuff, such as the XVi. Sure, there will be airgunners who go for the XVi purely because of its looks – but it’s bound to win a large following by virtue.

edgar brothers XVI

Considering the rifl e doesn’t have an air regulator fi tted, the power curve over the duration of the charge – which equates to more than 18 magazines’ worth of shooting in the case of the .22 XVi – showed a rise of only 20fps. In energy terms, this equated to a shift of just 0.75ft/lb. That’s not really noticeable down-range at
typical airgun distances, and you can see from the chart that the curve was quite gradual, too, with a more pronounced drop-off at the end of the charge. Heavyweight Bisley Magnums returned the highest power, at 11.8ft/lb, topping my favoured Superdome by around one ft/lb.

XVI Shots Per Fill

The rifle comes with an off-gun charging adapter so you can fi ll the buddy bottle to 200BAR. When it’s screwed back onto the rifl e, the XVi’s end-of-action gauge – now in a much better casing – shows how much air’s left in the 400cc buddy. The ‘green’ zone indicates the rifl e’s good down to 90BAR, which was where I noticed drop-off in my shots. Lengthy chrono testing showed my .22 calibre test sample returned a minimum of 280 shots per charge using 15.8-grain RWS Superdome Field Line pellets, which is 30 more than the manufacturer’s claim. (Edgars says you’ll get around 230 in .177.)


Type 16-shot, take-down buddy bottle precharged pneumatic Action Bolt-cocking, auto-loading
Calibre .177 (4.5 mm) and .22 (5.5 mm)
Magazine Drop-out 16-shot cassette (two x eight-shot)
Fill pressure 200 BAR (2,900psi)
Shots per charge .177 – 230 (manufacturer’s claim); .22 – 280 (tested)
Overall length 975mm including double-action moderator
Barrel length 368mm
Weight 4.05kg (‘bare’)
Trigger Two-stage, fully-adjustable, curved blade
Safety Manual, cross-bolt, resettable
Stock Drop-down grip with buddy butt. Mix of advanced
polymers and alloy
Length of pull 365mm
Sights N/A – STANAG 4694 mounting rails
Power Up to 12ft/lb
SRP £799 – includes silencer, 16-shot magazine, sling swivels, accessory rails, canvas gunbag, 500 pellets and charging adapter

Edgar Bros XVI - .22

Our Price £769.95


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