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Phoenix Air Rifles

Phoenix Air Rifle Pellet Guns!

Phoenix Air Rifles

Phoenix Fast Fire 10 Pre Charged Air Rifle

The Fast Fire 10 has been designed as a multi-purpose air rifle which is practical both in use and when being stored or transported. It provides the owner with an accurate multi shot rifle complete with silencer that is perfect for hunting.

The unique pistol grip cocking action of the Fast Fire 10 ensures that it lives up to its name

Phoenix Rapid Fire 10

(The scope is shown for illustration purposes only and is not included in the purchase price)

It's unique pistol grip cocking and cycling action delivers a rapid fire potential that will put a smile on the face whether shooting in speed based competitions or just plinking. Then, when it is time to head for home, the whole thing packs into the case that is included with the gun, giving no clue as to the contents.

Rapid Fire 10 Packed in Case Supplied

The Fast Fire 10 comes in a discrete carry case (the scope and pellets are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the purchase price)

This pre-charged rifle has been designed for functionality rather than beauty and uses the air cylinder as the cheek piece of the stock. This, together with the smooth operating pistol grip action, makes for a gun suitable for right or left handed users with no compromises.

The rifle is equipped with a quick fill and pressure gauge, and can be supplied with one or more of the following air receivers; 400cc (adult length), 190cc (adult length) or 150cc (junior length). It will be appreciated that the same rifle can be made suitable for both adults and children simply by changing the bottle.
Like the Phoenix rifle, the Fast Fire 10's air reservoir is fitted with a high-pressure Schrader valve and a spare with its replacement tool is supplied with the rifle. This enables the owner to change the valve as easily as the one in a car tyre. Other features that are shared with the Phoenix rifle include the two stage trigger mechanism, and the ambidextrous manual safety catch.

Included in the foam lined hard case is one of our Phantom carbon fibre silencers, a ten shot magazine and a quick fill probe. There is also an Weaver rail fitted to the underside of the fore-end, to which a bipod or other accessories can be fitted.

Every Fast Fire 10 is tested to ensure that the kinetic energy is within the 12ft.lbs UK legal limit. The proof of its accuracy is a bench rest 10 shot target group supplied with its operating instructions and 12-month warranty.

Phoenix Rapid Fire 10

In the padded hard case you will find a rifle action with a ten shot magazine, the butt reservoir of your choice, a carbon fibre moderator, a charging adaptor probe and a bag of expendable spares comprising of O-rings for the air reservoir, a high presure Schrader valve for the reservoir and a fitting tool for the valve.

Filling probe
Ten shot magazine
Filling probe for quick fill with spare O-rings
Ten shot magazine purpose made for Phoenix rifles


Bottle filling adaptor
O-rings and Shrader valve
Bottle filling adaptor
Spare O-rings and Shrader valve together with fitting tool


Our Price £749.95

Available in .177 or .22

Exclusive Stockist of Phoenix Air Rifle

All airgun sales must be completed by way of face to face sales with proof od I.D required
It is an offense for anyone under the age of 18 to carry an air gun, or ammunition in a public place unless accompanied by a person over the age of 21, even if the gun is covered.
It is an offense for anyone between the age of 14 and 18 to shoot an air gun without the supervision of a person over the age of 21.
It is an offense for anyone under the age of 14 to own, hire an air gun.
It is an offense to shoot an airgun beyond the boundaries of private land, where you have been given permission to shoot.

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