Air Gun Hunting

Nigel Jones - Everyday Hunter

Professional Pest Controller, Air Rifle hunter, stalking and concealment specialist.

Product Evaluator.

Biography: My name Is Nigel Jones, Countryman’s diary air-rifle hunting journalist, and former writer/journalist for Airgun World Magazine, covering the topic of hunting with air-rifles. I have a huge passion for Air Arm's rifles, and use them daily, throughout my pest control duty's. I am a fully licensed pest controller by trade, plus I am a trained airgun coach and a member of the BASC. I have being shooting for 28 year's and have an abundance of knowledge of all aspects of decoying, squirrel hunting, rabbit stalking, field craft, and survival. I used to be In the Territorial Army for approximately 3 years when I was younger. My Idol to this day Is the late great Mr John Darling whom I followed vigorously from a young age, now my style Is similar to the the legendary man himself, of which I'm very proud. Now I hope to pass on my skills and knowledge to newcomers to our great sport that Is Air Rifle Hunting. Thank you!

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