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SMK, a family company, serving the gun, fishing tackle, toy and sports trades for over 40 years, is very proud to announce it has joined the world’s largest gun company, Remington Arms LLC, USA. Apart from enabling us to bring a whole new array of fantastic market leading products to the UK for all sports persons but also this combined huge buying power enables us to keep our prices low and keep our 
wonderful sport affordable to all, and by supplying every gun shop in the UK (well nearly) you’re not too far away from an SMK or Remington sourced/produced product that will cost you far less than you think…it’s what we are all about.

“Sports Marketing Guns, Over- engineered….under-priced” is what leading publications have written time and time again about SMK products, so what’s the message here and above?...well we are shooters at SMK, we use our products, we love our products and we love to test new products that come to market, we have even designed many of them! Every item in this catalogue has been tried and tested by somebody either new to the sport or an experienced hand. Our aim is to keep our wonderful sport fun, interesting, challenging but above all comfortably affordable.


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  1. Nova Vista Synthetic
    Nova Vista Alpha Synthetic PCP Rifle
    Special Price £310.00 £258.33 Regular Price £400.00
  2. Nova Vista Wood
    Nova Vista Alpha Wood PCP Rifle
    Special Price £330.00 £275.00 Regular Price £400.00
  3. Artemis M50 Air Rilfe
    Artemis M50 PCP Sniper Air Rifle
    Special Price £694.96 £579.13 Regular Price £779.95
  4. Remington War Hawk Underlever
    Remington War Hawk Underlever
    Special Price £189.95 £158.29 Regular Price £269.95

Items 1-9 of 64

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