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Archery Corporate Days - Bow & Arrow or Crossbiw Team Building & Stag & Hen Parties

Team Building Corporate Events - Stag + Hen Party Activities - Shooting Longbows or Crossbows

Archery Experience - Solware Archery Events
Solware Archery Activity for Team Building + Stag & Hen Parties are great for Employee Moral Boosting or to have a fun day for a Stag or Hen Party.

Archery - Bow & Arrow & Crossbows

Archery consisting of a bow and arrow or a crosbow are traditional yet powerful shooting tools, both the longbows & crosbows require a keen eye and a steady hand to ensure you hit
the target. Specialist tuition ensures that you’ll be aiming for gold and when you hit it, the feeling is great. You may even discover a new skill.

After group instruction, guests are given one-to-one tuition to enable even the novice to pull a ‘Robin Hood’. Longbow Archery is a great leveller requiring a steady hand, good co-
ordination and excellent composure. Thoroughly enjoyable events, guests always want ‘one last try’ in an effort to perfect their shot.

What’s included?
Bows, Arrows, Targets, Safety netting, Arm guards, Instructor.

Corporate Entertainment; Team Building: Bonding.

Small Groups to Large Groups for Shooting either Long Bows or Crosbows can be accommodated per session ideal for corporate events, stag and hen days. We can cater for most
budget based on what you would like to pay per head.

To enquire either call us on 0844 357 0306 or Solware Email Address

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