Blank Firers

Blank Firing Pistols

Blank Firers for reenactment reinactment, theatre, sports days and dog training.

IMPORTANT Blank Firers Usage and Safety Information. The carrying and handling of any Blank Firing Gun in a public area whether it is all black or two tone colours like the ones below is against the law.

Blank Firing Guns are intended to fire only one type of blank ammunition. The correct caliber of blank ammunition is marked on the gun and the accompanying documentation and are designed for purposes advised above.

We advise calling to check stock availability - 01827 215 222


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  1. Umarex 22 Long Blanks
    Umarex Blanks .22 Calibre
    Special Price £12.95 £10.79 Regular Price £15.00
  2. 8mm Blanks by Fiocchi
    8mm Blanks
    Special Price £18.00 £15.00 Regular Price £20.00
  3. 380 Revolver Pistol Blanks by Fiocchi - Short & Crimped
    380 Blanks
    Special Price £14.50 £12.08 Regular Price £18.00
  4. Fiocchi 9mm PAK Blanks P A K
    9mm Blanks PAK
    Special Price £17.50 £14.58 Regular Price £18.00
  5. Red Box Dummy Launcher Blanks
    22 Dog Dummy Launcher Blanks - Red High Power
    Special Price £11.95 £9.96 Regular Price £12.95

Items 1-12 of 54

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