It almost goes without saying that YouTube is the most popular platform for video content in the world. If you want your videos be seen online – you’re going to use YouTube. Before its launch in 2005, the notion of capitalising on video blogs seemed impossible due to technological limitations of the era. Now that the internet is seemingly ingrained into every facet of 21st century life, creating fun, informative and engaging multimedia content to share across a wide digital audience is no longer niche.

The air gun community is no different to that of any other cultural interest and has bared a huge number of successful YouTube channels in aid entertaining fellow enthusiasts. Here are the Solware team’s top 3 channels to check out for regular musing on air rifle culture…

  • Airgun TV

Created and hosted by airgun aficionado Nigel Allen, this insightful channel offers plenty of reviews, features and conversations around much of the latest air gear, guns and peripherals. With each video gaining in excess of 100,000 views, it’s easy to recommend Allen’s insights.

  • The Airgun Gear Show

Like Airgun TV, the production values and professionalism offered by this independent YouTube show sure are impressive. This channel is packed with air gear tests, reviews and features – once again, view levels are insane, people love this stuff. It’s evident that the everyman can outdo the TV bigwigs these days!

  • Solware

Did you really think we’d leave out our own channel? Hah!

Any regular videos you recommend? Let the Solware team know on Facebook and Twitter.

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