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BSA Ultra Single shot

BSA Ultra Single Shot in beech stock, Bolt Version.

Ideal gun for close vermin/pest control/4x4 hunting due to its shorter barrel. Also very affordable. Please note scope isn’t included – also please note that the BSA silencer supplied isn’t very good at all we can supply you a Hogan Decimeter which makes the BSA Ultra virtually whisper quiet!! Take the fast, direct concept of the Micro-Movement Cocking system, add a spring-assisted loading bolt, then build these into a superbly compact, full-power, precharged pneumatic action, complete with silenced, match-accurate barrel and a fully-chequered stock, and you’re looking at the hottest ultra-carbine on the market.

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BSA Ultra Single shot

BSA Ultra vs Brocock Contour XL – Hunting Lightweight Carbine Review The BSA Ultra is very popular due to its price, accuracy and its main purpose being very light and short. It is indeed a cracking rifle possibly the best gun along with the Superten, and the Airsporter the best airguns to come out of BSA factory. The BSA brand is a well known brand and has the reputation and history behind it but we are reviewing this not on history or tradition but gun against gun. The Brocock another Birmingham gun manufacturer have now produced a rival gun to compete head to head with the Ultra. Its called the Contour XL it’s a remarkable looking gun looks like a ratcatcher!! In tests this is where it shows its made with a Walther barrel and is as accurate as any other rifle on the market we tested using HN Field Target Trophy, JSB exacts & RWS Superdomes. The gun is lighter than the Ultra weighing in at a whopping 1.7kg!!!!! The BSA Ultra weighs 2.6kg. Now the length of the Contour XL is 69cm again vs the BSA Ultra that is 82cm. Shots per fill the Ultra is approx 40 in .22 and 30 in .177 and the Brocock Contour XL is also approx the same. The BSA ultra uses a Superten barrel and the Brocock a Walther barrel both are world class barrels but we would give the edge to Walther for competition results. The stock the Ultra has a lovely stock nice engraving nice curves beautifully manufactured. The Brocock Contour XL has a skeleton stock hence why its light similar to Falcons. Its not made to look nice and fancy Its sole purpose is producing a lightweight short hunting tool. Power levels both are in same approx 11 ½ ft/lb. Loading ease of use the BSA ultra has a safety mechanism that requires you to cock at the rear before shooting which is a great safety feature. Now if you do hunting you literally want to be able to quickly load aim and take your shoot this is what the Brocock Contour XL allows. You simply press down a small button on the side this releases the bolt you pull the bolt back load your pellet into breech push bolt forward and pull the trigger. The verdict both are amazing guns and do exactly what is required based on price, function, ease of use accuracy and costs we consider the Brocock Contour XL to have the edge. It is a new gun but based on Brococks history and reputation there will not be any issues.

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