Local Bullet Gun Clubs & Grounds

Local Rifle Ranges for Shooting 22 Bullet 762- 308

Local Shooting Clubs for Bullet Guns!

Rifle Ranges

Solihull Rifle & Pistol Club

Tel 07541 061357 Richard Harris Club Secretary

Email [email protected]

Website www.solihullrifleclub.co.uk

Swadlincote Rifle and Pistol Club

Swadlincote, Derbyshire. DE11 7ZT

Telephone: 01283 226790

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8th Warwicks Home Guard Rifle Club

25 Yrd Indoors - Shooting disciplines include - .22 prone rifle, sporting rifle, centre fire rifle up to .44, bench rest (air and rimfire), air pistol and rifle, Under level rapid (turning target), black powder pistol

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