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Brattonsound Gun Safes

Bratton Sound Shotgun & Firearms Gun Cabinets & Safes.

When you purchase a Brattonsound Gunsafe you buy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the finest quality gunsafe available.

Since we were established, in 1982, the Brattonsound name has become synonymous with gunsafes through our commitment to shooting sports, combined with engineering excellence and unsurpassed customer service.

Our products are proudly manufactured and distributed from our state of the art factory in Surrey. Our unshakeable confidence in our products and our UK engineering base enables us to offer an unrivalled 3 Year On-Site Warranty.

Brattonsound does not sell direct to the public, but our products are available from many gun shops across the UK. This gives you the opportunity to see the impressive design and build quality of our products before you buy.

By purchasing a Brattonsound Gunsafe you will be joining a family of over 360,000 fellow shooters that have put their trust in us.


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  1. Brattonsound RD7 Gun Safe
    Brattonsound 6/7 Gun Safe - RD7+
    Special Price £234.95 £195.79 Regular Price £279.95
  2. Brattonsound 2/3 Gun Safe - ST3
    Brattonsound 4/5 Gun Safe - ST5
    Special Price £179.95 £149.96 Regular Price £214.94
  3. Brattonsound Sentinel ST5 4/5 Gun Safe
    Brattonsound Sentinel ST5 4/5 Gun Safe
    Special Price £179.95 £149.96 Regular Price £199.96
  4. Bratton Sound SL9+ Gun Safe - Holds upto 9 Guns
    Brattonsound 9 Gun Safe - 203mm Internal Locking Top - SL9+
    Special Price £379.00 £315.83 Regular Price £431.00

Items 1-9 of 20

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