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Remington Air Rifles

Remington Air Rifle Pellet Guns are superb rifles and will not disapoint.

Remington Arms Company conduct business from their offices in Madison, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. Remington Arms was founded in 1816 in upstate New York and is one of the country’s oldest continuously operating manufacturers.

The name “Remington” is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected commercial brands, with a long-standing reputation for products that are rugged, durable, and dependable. Remington Country, USA was formed in 2011 to extend this iconic brand beyond its traditional territory and into new product categories that will further serve our loyal customers. Remington Country, USA markets and sells products for the outdoor sporting lifestyles of our customers. We serve campers, fishers, hikers, hunters, orienteers, sailors, and sharpshooters, to name just a few. From the finest sporting cutlery and most popular firearm replacement parts, to gun care and innovative outdoor gear, Remington Country, USA is a one-stop shopping experience for the active outdoor sporting enthusiast. We are proud of our heritage for quality and reliability in the products we sell, and you may rest assured that every Remington Country, USA product is designed and manufactured with that thought in mind.


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  1. Remington Aircobra PCP Rifle
    Remington Airacobra PCP .22
    Special Price £375.00 £312.50 Regular Price £399.95
  2. Remington Standard
    Remington Standard PCP .22
    Special Price £992.60 £827.17 Regular Price £1,299.00
  3. Remington War Hawk Underlever
    Remington War Hawk Underlever
    Special Price £189.95 £158.29 Regular Price £269.95
  4. Remington Challenger SL PCP .22
    Remington Challenger SL PCP .22
    Special Price £419.95 £349.96 Regular Price £520.00
  5. Remington Challenger Bullpup PCP .22
    Remington Challenger Bullpup PCP .22
    Special Price £649.96 £541.63 Regular Price £799.99
  6. Remington Element PCP  .22
    Remington Element PCP .22
    Special Price £895.00 £745.83 Regular Price £1,199.00

Items 1-9 of 20

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